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As experts in the field, our mission is to equip companies specializing in Milk Powders with sophisticated formulations and the highest quality of manufacturing. We commit to offering comprehensive design and fulfillment services, all underscored by our dedication to delivering exceptional customer service


Core Values

  • Overall Health Care: The focus of VINUT TRUST is to nurture and protect comprehensive health. We believe that health is the foundation of all happiness and success, and our products reflect this commitment through quality and nutritional effectiveness.
  • Journey of Recovery and Regeneration: Each of our products is not only a source of nutrition but also a part of the journey of recovery and regeneration. We aim to help customers restore their health as well as discover new potential through creating a healthy lifestyle.
  • Combination of Science and Nature: VINUT TRUST is based on a sophisticated combination of modern nutritional science and the best natural ingredients. This not only creates outstanding product quality but also ensures sustainability and environmental friendliness.
  • Commitment to the Community: We build our brand on the foundation of responsibility and commitment to the community. Every decision we make is aimed at creating sustainable value for customers and society.
  • Continuous Innovation and Development: In a volatile world, VINUT TRUST is constantly innovating  and adapting . We are always a pioneer in researching and applying new technologies to improve product and service quality.
  • Integrating Cultural Values and Philosophy: Our brand is not only creating healthy products but also an integration of deep cultural values and philosophies. We believe that each product not only brings material value but also reflects love and concern for life.


VINUT TRUST aims to become a leading brand in providing high-quality food products, ensuring health and healing for both body and soul. We constantly research and develop advanced nutritional solutions that meet each customer's needs, contributing to a healthy and happy community. VINUT TRUST is committed to be  a trusted companion, supporting each customer in restoring their health and discovering their potential, through revitalizing their lifestyle and daily habits.


The mission of VINUT TRUST is to provide healthy food and beverage products that
are created from a combination of modern nutritional science and the finest natural
ingredients. Each of our products is a testament to our desire to bring "Heal" -heal-
ing, "Recovery" - the process of restoring health, and "Rebirth" - rebirth of a positive
lifestyle, helping customers live each moment to the fullest and achieve the best
quality of life.

Post Workout Recovery Drink Mix

Protein Powder

Post Workout Recovery Drink Mix, Gluten Free with Zero Added Sugar


100% Nattural

Infusions offers a 100% whey isolate protein powder, expertly ultra-hydrolyzed to ensure it mixes clearly and smoothly for a superior protein experience.



Our Clear Whey Protein, fast-digesting and ultra-pure, is perfect for any time of day. It's a light, refreshing alternative to thick shakes, ideal post-workout, between meals, or on the go.


Infusions Tropical Punch provides a juicy, thirst-quenching burst of fruity flavor, making it an appealing and tasty way to increase your daily protein intake.


Infusions offers a pure protein choice with only 5 ingredients, free from artificial flavors and colors, making it an ideal, clean protein addition to your diet.